Who are Parishioners of St. Gabriel Catholic Church?

Our parish community is made up of those who:

  • Wish to seek the Lord Jesus Christ through His Word and Sacraments
  • Help in forming a spiritual community based on the Lord's love
  • Accept the teachings of the Catholic Church
  • Acknowledge the legitimate authority of the Pope, Bishop, and Presbyter
  • Are willing to grow as Christians within the legitimate spiritual traditions of the Byzantine Catholic Church
  • Attend liturgical services regularly on Saturdays (Vigil), or Sundays, and Holy Days
  • Support the work and growth of the Church by sharing their time, talent and treasure (financial support/tithes)
  • Are registered in the parish and receiving regular parish communications. 


If this is the type of spiritual home you seek, please contact Father!

Parish Membership

 The Byzantine Catholic Church of St. Gabriel's is centered on the Risen Christ as revealed through the Scriptures, Mass/Liturgy, and Holy Tradition. We celebrate the truth, that there is more than one way to be Catholic. We are in union with and under the Pope of Rome. The parish community is open to anyone who: Is interested in seeking the Lord through His Sacred Word and Sacraments; accepts the teaching of and is willing to grow in the tradition of the Byzantine Catholic Church; will work towards forming a community based on the love of Jesus Christ; acknowledge the appropriate authorities of the Byzantine Catholic Church, and who is willing to support the growth of the Church by sharing his/her talent, time, and treasure.  

Spiritual Benefits of St. Gabriel's Parishioners

Our parishioners receive the benefits of the following spiritual services:

Holy Mysteries/Sacraments of Initiation 

Arrangements for Baptism, Chrismation/Confirmation, and First Holy Communion must be made at least six months in advance for infants and children and at least one year in advance for adults.


Preparation for this Holy Mystery is part of the 2nd Grade program of Eastern Christian Formation.


This celebration requires membership in this parish for at least one of the parties and six months prior to making arrangements for marriage. Once Father is approached regarding the marriage, he will allow a minimum six month period for preparation and further discernment prior to the ceremony. Prudence dictates that Church arrangements are made before reception arrangements are made.

Infirm and home-bound 

Contact Father if sick, in the hospital, or confined to home because of illness or old age. Father will bring the confined person the Sacraments. It is recommended that one receive the Anointing of the Sick, before any major surgery or as needed due to serious illness. Please do not hesitate to let Father know that a parishioner is ill.


Father must be notified upon the death of a parishioner. No funeral arrangements should be made without first consulting Father.

Divine Liturgy (Mass) Intentions

To request that a living or deceased friend or loved one be remembered in a special way during the Divine Liturgy (Mass), use a “Divine Liturgy Intention” envelope found in the information rack of the Church Vestibule. Print the needed information and drop it in the collection basket or hand it to Father. The donation for an intention is $20.00 or more. When possible, request intentions for specific dates at least six months in advance.


For good order and their own benefit, parishioners use stewardship envelopes for their tithes and other monetary gifts to the Church. Youth, who have reached the age of reason, should also be using envelopes and making regular donations (however small) in order to be trained in sacrificial giving. If you need envelopes, please contact Father.